Alpine pots

Alpine / rockery plants for sinks troughs and containers will add interest to your garden all year round by the addition of different foliage colour and contrast as well as the flowers in spring and summer the garden can be brought up to the patio or the front door step throughout autumn and winter by planting a few alpines in almost any spare pot you may have, With the right selection alpine pots can carry on from year to year with a little prunning and feeding from time to time or the plants can be moved into the main garden when too big or need freshening up and then replace with new ones for the season.  When planting make sure the pots have good drainage holes to start with then add some gravel to the base of the pot then mix up a potting mixture of 40% moss peat (potting compost) or recyled compost to 40% John innes no 2 or 3 (soil based compost) and 20% horticultural grit or grit sand,do not feed for a while when the pots have matured in a few months feed both lightly and occasionally in the growing season not to much as alpines are best grown slow and compacted finish the top of the pot with gravel, stones, slate using bigger stones or broken terrracotta pots to add interest and structure to your creation.

There are many alpines or slow growing plants that can be used in pots,but for autumn and winter pots make sure they are evergreen and hardy enough.Look for different foilage colour most will still flower in the spring or summer, adjustments can be made in the summer if required with small flowering alpines or less hardy succulents.